Strathmore Medical Clinic


All the physicians here are registered family doctors, and have varying interests within their individual scopes of practice.

Dr Emile Muller

Dr Muller works full-time in the clinic. His main practice interest is obstetrics, seeing prenatal patients and doing deliveries at the Peter Lougheed Centre in Calgary. He also cares for patients in general family practice, he does ER shifts at the Strathmore Hospital with admission privileges.

Dr David Piesas

Dr Piesas works full-time at the clinic. He does a general family practice with ER shifts and hospital admission privileges. His main interest in his practice is general internal medicine.

Dr Michael O'Brien

Dr O'Brien completed his initial degree at University of Lethbridge and then his medical degree at Queen's Medical School, in Kingston, Ontario. He has completed the Calgary Rural Family Medicine Program.  He has hospital admission privileges and a broad range of practice interests.
He works in the Strathmore ER and full time at the clinic.

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